Paolo Rossato

He was born in Pavia on March 10, 1974. Diploma in, after which he devoted himself entirely to music. In the meantime, working with a Network Milan through which runs a few clubs in northern Italy. In 1996, ending now in the military, take an audition at Radio One-O-One Network thanks to his friend Alex Martini, where he was hired for about a year and can go as posted at the Sanremo Festival in 1997. While on Radio One-O-One Network has the opportunity to do some television experience.

In 1998 Massimo Oldani pushes that Paul is called by Radio Capital, the group L'Espresso, where was entrusted with the production network and the broadcast of the program conducted by Monti and Lorenzini: "Radio Kommando". In that year, the artistic director of the radio was in the hands of Pasquale Di Molfetta “Linus” in art, who decides to take it to Radio Deejay, saying: "... I need a clean-shaven", where he signed the contract in April 1998.


He rely on the morning program "Marco Baldo Show"with Marco Baldini, together they share the experience of summer 1999 Riccione Aquafan Where does the slogan "Be Happy". On 9 November 1999 in Italy leaves the book titled "I'm leaving ... be happy! ", published by Mondadori, where Paolo and Marco appear as authors. Paolo is called as a character in an episode of "Maurizio Costanzo Show. From 2000 to 2008 has been producing and broadcasting programs conducted by Fabio Volo -" The Flight of the Morning "and"The Volunteer "- and enters Mixatori officially become part of the Megamix Radio Deejay.Since 1999 The resident DJ along with Alex Farolfi at the Acquafan in Rioccione.In 2003, along side Claudio Coccoluto a new experience called "C.O.C. C. O". the same year deals, thanks to Universal, to mix compilation "Hot Party", "Dance Party" and "Striscia la Compilation".

In 2004, takes the place of the legendary Mario Fargetta radio program hosted by Alberttino and Dj Giuseppe: "Deejay Time. " Various Remix record productions including "The Ark-Let Your Body", "Dakar & Grinser, " "Stay With Me ", "Dual gang, " "will be the Spring" and other.